Course on silk flowers


Our studio offers training in creating flowers from fabric and leather in groups at master classes, as well as individual training.

You will learn:
- to work with hot tools;
- to create compositions from silk flowers;
- to create jewelry from silk flowers and to study methods of fastening of accessories;
- to independently create patterns for flowers.

You will learn how to create elegant flowers and silk and unique accessories.

Interested persons can register to a separate master class in the chosen flower, the cost of a concrete master class is separately agreed on.
The teacher of the course Natalia Shumlasa has a long-term experience in production of silk flowers in more than 100 master -


"It is necessary to be in love with flowers, when I create a flower I feel its light, aroma, its pulse, it is not important that when the flower is created, it smells of glue, that passion and energy which the master exchanges with the creation is important."


The cost of a master class in a group depends on the selected master class.
Individual lessons or individual program of 20 EUR/h (materials are not included in the price)