There is no such thing as coincidence

We are happy when we see how people’s eyes are glowing with joy, and then they come back to us again in anticipation of miracle and celebration. Celebration that will give a meeting with the magic of silk and colors, with the magic of fabric and beads. Our studio is a celebration of color and flowers.

We ourselves can make our dreams come true 

When there is a lot of knowledge and energy, you realize that you need to do something good with it.Thus in 2012 our studio was “born”.

What do we do? We paint life with colors.
Everyone has a dream. I love to draw, and therefore from my early childhood paints and brushes were my faithful companions.

Later on, I acquainted myself with the magic of silk. Since 2003, batik has burst into my life, along with a kerchief from Lipetsk, which my sister brought.
Later - flowers made out of silk. Since, besides pedagogical education, I also have a technical education, then in each new study course and creative direction I, having studied everything, look for the best and make my own creations.
Decoupage. Decorations.
And finally, polymer clay - Deco. In 2013, I became an instructor for “DECO CLAY CRAFT ACADEMY” ©. 

What do I love?
Flowers and color. I adore flowers, I love when people give them to me, I love to simply look at them, draw them and create them. So, having found flowers in my creative work, I found answers about color in aura-soma. Now color and flowers have found their place in my creative work. Starting from this autumn our studio has an updated course for hot batik, where we study the colors and learn the power of color.

Maybe I should stop?
Life is a movement, it is a constant search for something new, it is an evolvement. Therefore, our mission is to help people to discover their creative potential.

Our goal is to look for something new and constantly be ahead.We are all those close people who support and inspire. We didn’t meet by accident! Thank You!

Sincerely yours,